Thursday, August 03, 2006

Keep on Bloggin', Mama!

Blog my blues away....
(with apologies!)
I have had the best blogging day yet!

My blog was mentioned on Stephanie's post about Austin! I hope she enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed meeting her in person! That alone generated a spate of comments, which were wonderfully nice!
And, Blogger actually let some comments in! I don't know if everyone who came posted something, but 5 comments actually got through! I don't know about anyone else, but Blogger seems to have technical difficulties, quite often. Is this common with everyone's blogs? At any rate, I've opened a Typepad account and will soon be moving the blog. I'm going to work on it more this weekend.

Now, to answer some of the very lovely people who stopped by:

Violetsrose, Denise and Jess all wanted to know about the Blue Sky Alpaca DPN's in the lovely, ever-so-convenient tins...

These lovelies are Sizes 0, 1 and 2, as I felt I needed more needles for socks....(or more reasons to cast on more socks before actually finishing any) They are described on the package as Exceptional Lal Khola wooden needles. When you Google Lal Khola, the only thing I can find is reference to the needles! Who knows what kind of wood this is? The package also lets you know that they are "Made in India by people who are treated well and fairly". (Maybe the Knitting Goddess will adjust my karma accordingly, as they certainly made a fair wage off ME! These puppies are trop cher! )

I haven't gotten to use them yet, but they FEEL wonderful! The wood is smooth, without ridges, or defect that I can feel. But even though they are very smooth, I don't think that they will be too slippery! It almost feels as if it wil "grasp" the yarn without catching it!

They feel a bit more solid than the Crystal Palace DPN's that I'm knitting the background sock with, as well! (I certainly hope so, as I have a tendency to *snap* mine in half!) The points are fairly sharp, but taper quickly to the full diameter of the needle. I don't know how that will affect decreases (like k2tog), but I'll let you know when I find out!