Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stalking in Austin!

I fear I am not alone!

If stalking is a sport, it was elevated to an art form yesterday, in Austin!

I arrived at about 8:30, after driving 3 1/2 hours from find two women sitting at the bus stop on S. Congress...the only signs of life. I parked my car and began walking to the church, when I noticed that both these women were armed....with pointy sticks and yarn! Eureka!

As we waited, and busses went by, we waved them off with our needles...."Not us! We're waiting for the Harlot!" (and stupid me didn't get my camera out!)

Gradually, more people arrived. They finally opened the church doors when the ambient temperature reached about 90 degrees. We filed in, in small packs, like wool-verines!

Imagine a couple of hundred knitters, pointy instruments in hand awaiting the arrival of their heroine!

My bus stop buddies and I got in the very front row (excellent stalking skills, that!)

Incredible amounts of public knitting going on with this group! Everyone was checking out each other's this Regia sock yarn that I so HAVE to have...

Not to mention our lovely Ken doll
Bermuda shorts! TOO HOT!

Someone even brought the size 7 Sheep that goes with my Half a Sheep!

Then it was time...
Cowboy hat in hand, with Giant Yak in foreground, we finally meet our Harlot, face to faces!

And, of course, THE SOCK! (Ee ees so veery hansom in de person, no?)

On a serious note, if you EVER have the opportunity to see Stephanie in person, break your neck to get there! I have rarely enjoyed listening to someone as much as I did our Harlot! Her humor is even more evident in person, if possible. Kind of a cross between Elizabeth Zimmerman and Rita Rudner! And if she ever tries to tell you that she's shy....I have pictoral evidence to the contrary!

We laughed 'till tears streamed! We hooted and ye-hawed! And loved every minute!

The book signing was held in the small garage behind Hill Country Weavers, so we had to wait our turns (and shop) in the relative coolness of the store! But, you've got to hand it to the Hill Country ladies, they supplied us with Shiner Bock, Corona, Brownies and some of the best Pecan Pralines I've ever had! Can you even bend your brain around a couple of hundred knitters in a small yarn store where they serve beer and chocolate? It was mayhem! Many firm resloves not to increase stash were broken yesterday, including my own!

(Please note the LACEWEIGHT yarn...I have succumbed!)

And we all know that one can never have enough pointy sticks!

And I got to meet a few of my fellow bloggers!
This is Diane S. who I've been chatting with IN PERSON! Yea Texas Bloggers!

We finally got our turn at the "Signing Shed" at about 2 P.M. Please note our heroine is diligently WORKING at this...

(Also note that bottle of Corona as well as the Shiner Bock in the background!) I believe that it was the influence of all that beer that caused our dear Harlot to take a potty break...and to leave the SOCK UNATTENDED!

What happens when you leave a half knit sock ALONE in a WOOL-verine pack?


Now, for the point of this entire blog!


I got to give her gifts of LARGE Shiner Bock and Yarn!

And our Socks acutally got to meet!

And, as promised, pictures of my camera-wielding new friend, Cindy

Alas, all good things must come to an end. My stalking has come to fruition...I have met the object of my efforts.. ANOTHER HARLOT ON SOUTH CONGRESS!


Blogger Violetsrose said...

Can you tell me what those needles are in the gorgeous little boxes that look like joss stick boxes - they look fascinating!

1:48 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

I don't think I could stand the heat so I'll probably never live in Texas. But heck, if you guys have yarn shops that serve beer I'm definitely going to visit!! LOL

P.S. Add me to the list of people who are curious about those needles in the pretty boxes...

8:21 AM  
Blogger Bev in TN said...

Can you please post the name/color of that Regia sock yarn that you admired so likey too!

8:39 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Followed you here from the Harlot-verse--Great post! You've inspired me to make a reservation for her Nor-Cal appearance!!!!

10:08 AM  
Blogger Jess said...

Great Post! THe packaging on those Blue Sky Alpaca DPNs is so pretty. Have you used them yet? I think we all want to know what you think of them. Could you show us the points? Thanks!

1:25 PM  

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