Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stalking the Harlot!

During which our heroine anticipates meeting HER heroine!



Yes, ladies and gents, the really, truly Yarn Harlot is appearing at Hill Country Weavers in Austin. On Saturday! Only two more days! I've planned to go to this ever since it was announced (before Hill Country Weavers even sent it out on their mailing lists!). All I can tell my family is that there had better not be any emergencies, glitches, or whining when I leave! I'm travelling from the suburbs of Dallas to Austin (about 250 miles) as this is the only appearance she has scheduled in Texas, so I will leave Friday night, spend the night in Austin, get up early and soak up all the knitting-ness I can! I will probably be a completely tongue-tied, stammering idiot, if I get to meet her at all! Does this classify me as stalker-esque?

I have even gone so far to issue an invitation for a Kerbey Lane Queso Consumption and Longneck Liquor Lapping. What will I do should she accept? Anyone else up for this on Friday night? Let me know! If she does accept, I may need others to help me speak, as I'm sure I'd sound like some star-stalking fool!

Honestly, when I first began this journey into the knit side, one of the first weblogs I found was "The Yarn Harlot". Irreverant to the bone, how could I possibly resist reading a blog with a title like THAT? I was amazed at her humor! I could identify (as many of us can) with most of her yarn dilemmas. The popularity of her writing is due to, in part, the fact that she speaks to us all, about the mundane, and makes us laugh at ourselves, our families, each other and life. When I'm burnt out from too much work, or disasters at home, I sit at the computer, click on my "favorites" link to the Harlot, and generally laugh like a looney. Even my ten year old has taken to reading chapters of the "Secret Life of a Knitter", much to my suprise! Her subjects, and her wit refreshes me, and inspires me to be a better knitter. Her blog has been the inspiration for this blog, and my entrance into the knit/blog community. Without her, I might not have found out about Grumperina or Rabbitch or many of the others that I read so diligently. Her Knitting Olympics idea was pounced upon and inspired many of us to challenge ourselves to greater feats of knitting prowess! And the technical tips (disguised as "oopsies") have been invaluable. I am assuming that I am not alone in my adoration of the Harlot, as I don't think I've ever seen less than three or four hundred comments on her blog entries.

So, we shall head for Austin tomorrow....

Besides, I really, really want to meet the sock!

Knit on!


Blogger crazymom said...

Trust me the drive will be worth it! Stephanie is awesome!!! I hope she will take you up on your offer for the trip to Kerbey Lane. I sorely miss it. Soo much good food and so little stomach space. LOL

11:58 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Haven't heard from her yet...looks like her speaking schedule is "crazy busy"...besides, I'm looking like a stalker...but I'm definitely up for Kerbey Lane before AND after!

3:51 AM  
Blogger DianeS said...

Hey, sorry I missed you after I got my autographs (and probably also qualified to be checked up on as a possible stalker)! I had gotten way, way too hot for my health (but it was worth it!) and needed to head home to accomplish my regularly scheduled Saturday task before my body decided I have to lie down under a fan. But I loved meeting you! How did it go with the Shiner Bock?

1:02 PM  

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