Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One big blank

After returning from vacation and surviving the post-vacation slam dunk at work, I seem to be in a mind blanking fog from which I am having the greatest difficulty emerging. I work, sleep, clean, knit and read but have been absolutely uninspired to share any thoughts with anyone. I seem to be going through this isolationist period in response to having both the girls home at the same time.

When one child has gone off to the university, it becomes easy to believe that the trials and tribulations of two girls in one end of one house are over. Au contraire, mes amis! If abscence of one's love makes the heart grow fonder, abscence of one's sibling is only a reason to redraw the "territory" boundries, so that there is something new to fight over when the absent one returns. The first several weeks of summer have been spent hearing "Get out of my ROOM!" and "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" and "You are SO gonna GET IT!" One would think that the 9 years in between them would make this type of fighting pointless, but one would be dead wrong. I'm trying my best to simply observe, as to jump in the middle of these fights usually winds up with ME as the enemy and THEM going off to huddle and discuss how completely unreasonable their mother is.

Thus, the lack of communication. I've effectively gone into hiding!
I must, however, come out of this! Knitting pics tomorrow! I Promise!


Blogger DianeS said...

I was the older sister, though my younger sibling was male. And closer than 9 years (3.5, actually). However, my point, and I do have one, is that you are doing them a favor by making yourself an enemy. My brother and I are still quite close (and I'm 52) because we bonded while protecting each other from our mom. Not that yours need protecting for you. Cause I don't know that. Hmm. Perhaps I should go to bed. I don't seem to be making sense. Or something.

Anyway, it will do their relationship a world of good to huddle over how awful their mom is.

11:50 PM  
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