Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot, hot, HOT!

Good evening.
Welcome to HELL.

Or at least, Texas in July!

Our official temperature at DFW airport (which is really quite far from the actual CITIES of Dallas or Ft. Worth) was 107 degrees. Add at least 2 or 3 degrees in town....now, that's HOT!
And we didn't even come close to the record for this date....that's 111!!!!!!!

Our only salvation is airconditioning and pools! I've been shamelessly taking advantage of both for days! The only time I've set foot outside is to dash for the car (airconditioned) or splash into the pool! So, I figured that my knitting should be photographed poolside!

I'm knitting the French Market bag from Knitty in Noro Kureyon for my little daughter, who wants a project bag of her own. She picked the colors, which I think will look wonderful when felted!

I also started the fronts for my grandson's sweater, which I have been meaning to work on for months...I figured that since I was knitting it 2 sizes too large, I'd have plenty of time!
This is a sweater pattern from Sirdar, knit in Baby denim. I love the cables on the fronts, but I'm a little worried about picking up the button band from the single stitches at the edge of the cable....we'll see.

I finally started "Cedar Creek" socks, from the Socks that Rock KAL. I know, I'm late, but...the "Rock and Weave" pattern was so much fun, and I ADORE STR (!!)... so better late than later! And no pooling so far!!!

Finally, this is what all children should be doing when it is 107!

See you later, if I don't melt!


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