Thursday, June 15, 2006

Si Vas Para Chile....

Go visit my socks......

Yes, boys and girls, the socks that I adored.
The ones I ranted and raved about.
The ones I wrote odes to.
I even sang songs to them....
They are gone.

Gone to the far ends of the earth!

At my daughter-in-law's kitchen table, I whipped out the finished product for her to model. (I had actually thought of these as a slightly late B-day present for her, since she is a sock shopper from way back). I had actually planned to post the finished pictures, with the cute little heart buttons on the side. But they were socknapped!

The hermana (sister) of my nuera (daughter in law) began ranting about them...weren't these muy linda (beautiful) and could I hacer (to make) some for her....she loves calcitenes (socks). She apparantly suffers from cold feet (even in the Atacama desert, where she lives)....and so my socks are in Chile. Not only did she admire them so much that I gave them to her, she went on so much about my 10 year old learning to knit, that I had to go to the LYS across the street and buy some Aruncania yarn so that she could knit a scarf for LILI! Not MOM, who taught her, but LILI (who already has mom's socks!) I wish I could do that!!!!

I miss them already!

(Seriously, we love Lili very much, and I am glad she got my socks....I think I've found someone to knit socks for who will love them as much as I do!)

The development where my son has an apartment, includes a small, centralized area for retail shops...including a yarn store!!!!! It's called "Woolwinders" and I've actually ordered something from them on the internet, before. Lovely shop, and very friendly knitters. Yes, knitters are the sales help. In general, you might have to wait until they get done with a pattern repeat, but it is worthwhile, since they are knowlegable in a way that only knitters who have made those discoveries or errors are knowlegable. One of the girl's mothers knits with Annie Modisett, in Jersy...she's going to be there in July, I think or late June. Whenever it is....I'll be in Dallas.....WAAAAAA!

I haven't done much knitting,( having spun into a depression over my purloined piggy warmers) as I have been doing all the driving (They won't let the small one drive, even if she could reach the pedals) and, while I have actually worked on socks in traffic (we were at a dead stop) I am not brave enought to do it on the interstate through mountains! So knitting content is sparse, but should be better later this week!

Stay tuned for the "Tale of the Frogged Scarf....."


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