Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Eyes of Texas are Upon You

All the live long day!

My big girl's back and there's gonna be trouble...
Hey nah, na na, my Big Girl's Back!

Big Girl is home from college, having survived her freshman year in Jester (3 thousand teens under one roof. Woah!)

While it probably wasn't necessary to go pick her up (she'd already moved most of her stuff back), it was a great excuse for a road trip/yarn expedition. I think she actually asked me to help her so that we could shop at the Co-Op and I could pay for it. But it's "all good in the 'hood", as I got to go to Hill Country Weavers, finally! Really nice people! Great goo-gobs of yarn! I behaved myself, mostly because I wasn't sure how much room I'd have after packing the girl, but I did manage to score some Nashua yarn in Burnt Orange and Cream. I'm sure Hogwart's didn't have a UT house, but by golly, it will now!

I also scored some really pretty roving and a drop spindle (pictures after the camera recharges). Yes, I am going to attempt to spin. Note the word attempt. Remember it. I give myself 6 months...if I can't do anything by then, I'll cry, pass on the spindle, and chalk it up to experience. I have a couple of books, and a video of "Knitty Gritty" - the episode on how to spin. I mean, how awful can it be? OK...don't tell me, but send suggestions!!

I did get to see some people that I have been wanting to get in touch with for awhile, including my old college buddy, which was awsome! We "haven't changed at all" in each others' estimations (25 years later). Which means that we are either both lying through our teeth, or have completely blocked all short term memory...we only remember what we were like! I'll take the latter!

The girl and her roomie took Moms out for dinner at the Hula Hut on Lake Austin on Saturday. Much fun was had by all, including big girl getting a swig of mom's Margarita!

Great enchiladas, by the way!

I promise by all the yarn goddesses that I will honestly post pictures of KNITTING by next week, or you may all flog me with the yarn of your choice!



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