Thursday, May 25, 2006

Woven and Stoned!

I wish to propose this as the National Anthem of the STR club!

(to be sung to the tune of "We Love you Birdie" from "Bye, Bye, Birdie")

We love you "Socks that Rock"
Oh yes, we do!
We love you "Socks that Rock"
and we'll be true
When we're not knitting you
We're blue
Oh "Socks that Rock" we LOVE YOU!

Undoubtedly, there are alot of you who will think that I have completely lost my mind. To them I say only, "Be thou sad? Get thee a sock! Get the a sock!" (with apologies to the Bard).

I have finished the first sock of the new pattern and am completely enchanted (in the true sense of the word) I simply cannot stop knitting them! I'm knitting them at home. I'm knitting them between cases (or when surgeons are late). I even stayed at work 15 minutes longer than I had to, in order to Kitchner the toe! I NEVER stay at work longer that I have to (since I practically live there anyway). I am entranced. I am undone.

I truly understand what everyone means by the term "hand" now! It's an epiphany thing, I think. I am communing with this yarn! And the pattern!

Note the darling little picot edge at the cuff! Saturday, I'll go looking for buttons!
For those of you who said this yarn will not pool....please note the cute little bands of stripes...not exactly pooling, but definitely patterning in alternating colored stripes! Still adore it!!!!

I adore it so much that I actually cast on the second sock as soon as I finished the first one!!!!

And here's the proof!!!!

(I've fallen off the edge, haven't I?)


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weavin' and Rockin' Part Deux

Apparantly Blogger is now functional. Now we can post pictures, again!
Despite frustration with this apparatus, I have to look at this as another opportunity to wax rhapsodic over this yarn! If you are in love with this colorway, go to see Fricknits' Ode to STR. This is the singularly best praise in prose I've seen in awhile!

As I mentioned yesterday, my yarn came Saturday and simply SCREAMED to be wound! So loudly that I didn't even snap a picture of the skein! So you will have to do with my "Emergency sock yarn picture!

The hollering began when I started to put up the ball winder, and yarn swift. It kept hollering until I at least cast on the cuff (On Addi Turbo US 5's)...we don't need no stinkin' swatches! (Don't laugh later if they don't work...I was under the spell of this fabulously insistant yarn!) I managed to get the cuff mostly done Saturday evening. The linen stitch is very easy to memorize and looks SO great with this colorway!

Please note the darling little picot edge at the bottom of the picture (sorry about the lighting, but this was late Sunday afternoon). And the buttonholes just above it! (no, not a slip in the pattern!)

By Sunday afternoon, after many interruptions for necessary, if not quite so important, things, (like paying bills, cleaning house, laundry) I was up to knitting the heel.

I ended Sunday night with a sock, ( still whimpering loudly that a few hours loss of sleep would certainly be worth the finished product) heel turned, ready to start the gussets!

Cannot wait to post pictures of the finished sock! I hope everyone in the Rockin' Sock Club is having as good a time with this as I am!

Knit on!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Weavin' and Rockin'!

Well, I did promise knitting pictures this week.
I just planned to post pictures of the stuff I was already working on!
However, blogger is being a big butt! (alliteration, no?) The pictures are in my computer, but will not upload. Bummer!

Because, man, I am lovin' me some Socks that Rock!

Yes, I am a member of the Socks that Rock club. And since I'm 'fessin' here, I did not knit the Cedar Creek socks yet. But when this new colorway came on Saturday, it simply SCREAMED to be wound. Then it HOLLERED until I cast on! Now it is simply nagging loudly every time I put it down!

The new pattern has a linen stitch cuff with buttons(!?!) Too cute! And it feel sooooo wonderful! I absolutely understand why everyone has raved so much about this yarn! So smooth! No splitting, even on US 1's. and the linen stitch with this color is stupendous! I can't wait to show you. Stupid Blogger!

Sunday, May 14, 2006


The other reason for going to Austin.
In a small, central Texas town cemetery.

I miss you so much, I can't breathe if I think about it too long. I know we fought and feuded when I was young. I know we became good friends as I grew up. You were my touchstone, my "safe base", my conscience and my guide. I still hear your voice in my head when I'm troubled. I still see you with your hands on your hips when I've done something I shouldn't. Big girl and I stood at your grave yesterday, with flowers and tears, selfishly wishing you back with us.

On this Mother's day, I remember every little thing about you and weep like the child I still am. I remember everything you ever taught me, and go on like the woman you wished me to be.

The Eyes of Texas are Upon You

All the live long day!

My big girl's back and there's gonna be trouble...
Hey nah, na na, my Big Girl's Back!

Big Girl is home from college, having survived her freshman year in Jester (3 thousand teens under one roof. Woah!)

While it probably wasn't necessary to go pick her up (she'd already moved most of her stuff back), it was a great excuse for a road trip/yarn expedition. I think she actually asked me to help her so that we could shop at the Co-Op and I could pay for it. But it's "all good in the 'hood", as I got to go to Hill Country Weavers, finally! Really nice people! Great goo-gobs of yarn! I behaved myself, mostly because I wasn't sure how much room I'd have after packing the girl, but I did manage to score some Nashua yarn in Burnt Orange and Cream. I'm sure Hogwart's didn't have a UT house, but by golly, it will now!

I also scored some really pretty roving and a drop spindle (pictures after the camera recharges). Yes, I am going to attempt to spin. Note the word attempt. Remember it. I give myself 6 months...if I can't do anything by then, I'll cry, pass on the spindle, and chalk it up to experience. I have a couple of books, and a video of "Knitty Gritty" - the episode on how to spin. I mean, how awful can it be? OK...don't tell me, but send suggestions!!

I did get to see some people that I have been wanting to get in touch with for awhile, including my old college buddy, which was awsome! We "haven't changed at all" in each others' estimations (25 years later). Which means that we are either both lying through our teeth, or have completely blocked all short term memory...we only remember what we were like! I'll take the latter!

The girl and her roomie took Moms out for dinner at the Hula Hut on Lake Austin on Saturday. Much fun was had by all, including big girl getting a swig of mom's Margarita!

Great enchiladas, by the way!

I promise by all the yarn goddesses that I will honestly post pictures of KNITTING by next week, or you may all flog me with the yarn of your choice!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I got trouble, Right here in River City!

With a capital T and that rhymes with D and that stands for DH!

Those of you that have been reading know that DH, lazy butt that he is, has had to have surgery (undoubtedly as a result of laying on his lazy butt all winter) to have his iliac artery unclogged. Since this wasn't possible (surgeon talk of blood clots travelling distally and clotting off entire foot!!!), he had to have a femoral to femoral bypass. OK. That's done. Good blood flow. Good pulses. Good boy.
And, since this was certainly exacerbated by his smoking, he finally QUIT! (yeah!)

But....(you know there had to be one), I have come to realize that I am married to the largest WEENIE on the entire planet!!!!!

Now, when I had our daughter by C-section, cut side to side, had my gutty wuts removed and replaced and then stapled together, (with a giant hole in my uterus mattress stitched together...yes, the same mattress stitch you use in sewing), DH expected me to get up and take care of all of the people who came to see the baby. Cook. Make refreshments. Keep the kids under control.
But let him have 2 tiny groin incisions, and he thinks that we should all wait on him, coddle him, constantly check his incision, etc. And bandage changes are a nightmare! If you pull off the tape, he swears that you are pulling out fingernails or testicles! I swear that he actually asked me to push the button on the remote control once! He kinda backed off when my head started to spin.

Needless to say, the sheep pen is a disaster! And to complicate everything, big girl moves home for the summer this week!

But, you will all be glad to hear that some knitting has occurred! Just not in photos, yet.

I'm up to round 40 on the Rogue...working like mad to get to the point where you join the pocket so I can get those flippin' needles that it is on out of my way! I've also worked on grandson's sweater some, and knit some more on socks (two on two circs, toe up). I'm dying to get into my STR socks, but might have to wait until this weekend. (If I don't hurry, I'll be one sock behind in the club)

I don't know what the rest of you do when you're stressed. I know some drink wine, or eat chocolate. Some take long baths, or have a "lie down". But, I would be willing to bet that many more of you do what I just did...BUY MORE YARN!

Yep, they got me in the Project Spectrum sock a long....I'm anxiously anticipating my first yarn....

AND I WON!!! Yep, I won some Regia sock yarn from CIRQUE DU SOCKS! Thank you Elaine!!!! I NEVER win anything, so this is almost as good a chocolate!

Think I'd better go knit?