Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a tangled mess we weave!

...when first we practice to deceive our spouses and sit on our lazy butts all winter!

Constant readers
Please forgive the dearth of knitting of late.
Methinks it is because the season hath turned.
Spring/summer is here, as only two seasons grace us here in Texas (generally "Cold" and "Hot").
Now that we have reached "Hot" (the temperature was 101 earlier this week) there is much to be done, and no DH to do it!! He's recovering from his bypass surgery nicely, if a bit grumpily, but no lifting, pulling, hauling, digging, toting or baleing. Since it is commonly supposed among my dearest friends that I keep DH around for the heavy lifting, they are now scratching their heads in amazement!

I spent most of today working in the yard (and a lot of work it is, too!). The flower beds by the pool are overgrown (He was supposed to do that in January).

The bushes need to be cut back (that was a job for last August)

Everything needs mulch. The container plants that didn't get in last fall (also DH's job) are dead as doornails, and must be replaced. The patio is starting to grow weeds between the blocks.

And there are bugs of rare and colorful species all over the place (including mosquitos as big as a small helicopter, and almost as capable of carrying one away)
. The nice part is that the oleanders are starting to bloom.

I went to the nearest MegaLoMart/HomeDebit store and began the transformation myself this afternoon. I started with the flower bed nearest the kitchen window (since I see it most of the time).

Lookin' good!
I also got bunches of plants!
There's lavender in pots,

a lone tomato plant (also in a pot, as DH always mows them down after one or two tomatos),


and lantana.

I did, however, even with all this yardwork, manage to knit a bit on the Rogue. I'm now at the kangaroo pocket, and the cables are starting to look like something (I hope and trust).

I do have to say that I really like Gedifra's Top Soft! It is rather slick and slippery ('specially on Addi Turbos), but I really like the way the stockinette looks and feels.

Hopefully I will get to knit a lot more this week...I'm falling sadly behind in Le Cirque du Socks, I'm afraid. DH goes back to the DR tomorrow...hope he gets released to do SOMETHING! Even if it's only to drive to MegaLoMart/HomeDebit and stare at the power tools!


Blogger Melissa said...

Nice pics. I honestly swear that your DH and my DH share part of the double helix.
Anyway....the oleander is beautiful. I'm not brave enough to have one with a small child and dog, but when LittleMan gets older and knows what poison means, I really want to get one.

11:17 AM  

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