Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Quasimodo has nothing on me!

My back is sore,
my shoulders bent,
my hands are filthy, cut and bruised.
My skin is roasted,
my eyes are itching......

But we did accomplish a lot in the garden.
We are nowhere near finished, but at least progress was made.
Now, if I ever recover, we might get more done this week.

Meanwhile, I have made progress on the Rogue and my two simultaneous toe-up socks, but no pictures....maybe later in the week. There's just too much work to do. I am actually looking forward to being on call this weekend, in the hospital for 72 hours. At least there are no weeds there!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a tangled mess we weave!

...when first we practice to deceive our spouses and sit on our lazy butts all winter!

Constant readers
Please forgive the dearth of knitting of late.
Methinks it is because the season hath turned.
Spring/summer is here, as only two seasons grace us here in Texas (generally "Cold" and "Hot").
Now that we have reached "Hot" (the temperature was 101 earlier this week) there is much to be done, and no DH to do it!! He's recovering from his bypass surgery nicely, if a bit grumpily, but no lifting, pulling, hauling, digging, toting or baleing. Since it is commonly supposed among my dearest friends that I keep DH around for the heavy lifting, they are now scratching their heads in amazement!

I spent most of today working in the yard (and a lot of work it is, too!). The flower beds by the pool are overgrown (He was supposed to do that in January).

The bushes need to be cut back (that was a job for last August)

Everything needs mulch. The container plants that didn't get in last fall (also DH's job) are dead as doornails, and must be replaced. The patio is starting to grow weeds between the blocks.

And there are bugs of rare and colorful species all over the place (including mosquitos as big as a small helicopter, and almost as capable of carrying one away)
. The nice part is that the oleanders are starting to bloom.

I went to the nearest MegaLoMart/HomeDebit store and began the transformation myself this afternoon. I started with the flower bed nearest the kitchen window (since I see it most of the time).

Lookin' good!
I also got bunches of plants!
There's lavender in pots,

a lone tomato plant (also in a pot, as DH always mows them down after one or two tomatos),


and lantana.

I did, however, even with all this yardwork, manage to knit a bit on the Rogue. I'm now at the kangaroo pocket, and the cables are starting to look like something (I hope and trust).

I do have to say that I really like Gedifra's Top Soft! It is rather slick and slippery ('specially on Addi Turbos), but I really like the way the stockinette looks and feels.

Hopefully I will get to knit a lot more this week...I'm falling sadly behind in Le Cirque du Socks, I'm afraid. DH goes back to the DR tomorrow...hope he gets released to do SOMETHING! Even if it's only to drive to MegaLoMart/HomeDebit and stare at the power tools!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Of Surgeons, Queens and Rogues

Another week has come and gone... where I do not know.
Postings have been sparse of late, but I have multiple good reasons. Or, at least, multiple reasons.

For anyone out there keeping track of this, DH had his surgery. All went well, so he will be back in commission in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, all of the things that he does around here have fallen squarely on my head. Not that he does all that much, but what he does do is ugly, dirty, distasteful or involves killing poisonous things. (shudder) I have, in the last 6 days, had to kill multiple big-ass spiders, stick my hand down into a hole in the ground to turn on the valve to the sprinklers, (I don't know what was down there....and I DON'T WANT TO!) haul groceries in, drive everyone, everywhere, climb ladders, clean pool decks, move furniture, etc. I'm exhausted! All this in addition to the several million things I have to do before and after work. *sigh*

While he was having surgery, his vascular surgeon went on a mission to recruit me to the anesthesia department of his hospital. While DH was in recovery, I was interviewing with the chair of the department. I must give this a lot of thought. I love my position and my boss, but they are making me an offer that will be hard to refuse. Two 24 hour days. That's it. Each week. Five (count 'em) FIVE DAYS OFF EVERY WEEK!!!! NO CALL!!!!! Five days a week to knit!!!!!! (If they can come up with enough money to keep me in yarn!)

Because this was Easter weekend, and my son gave me tickets, we went to see the road production of "Phantom of the Opera", which was phenomenal! My daughter brought her roomate from college and her boyfriend. She was able to discuss all the technical aspects of the production, which made me realize, suddenly, that she is actually learning someting in college! Whoopie!!!!

Oh, you ROGUE

I did manage to keep working on the Rogue hoodie, through all of this, and finally got to the cables. (Did I mention that I've never done cables before?!?)
Does anyone think that I may have overestimated my ablity? Does this LOOK right?

I'm knitting this with Gedifra "Top Soft". The stitches are VERY well defined in stockinette stitch, and look wonderful. This is as far as I've gotten with the cable, so it's a little hard to tell if it's ok. The yarn may be a little too elastic to do well, or I may be a little inexperienced. Either way, I shall press on!

Take me to le CIRQUE

I finished my Jaywalker socks last week, so I wanted to start some new ones. It took a little while, since I needed to sit down and read the instructions for Mary Ann Beattie's "Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes and Heels Socks". I've never done "toe-up" socks before, either, so this one may take a minute, but I'm doing them simultaneously on two circular needles.
The yarn is Katia "Mississippi" print...not a true "sock yarn", but it seems to fit the bill, and I like what the colors are doing, after the "pooling" that I got with the Lorna's Laces yarn on the Jaywalker socks. I'm not sure what I'm going to make these into, but I'm increasing like mad! I do absolutely LOVE the toes!
This is the long tail cast on method. I HATE Kitchener stitch, so this is my chicken-shit way of avoiding it! Works for me! I may never knit top down again!!!! Let Le Cirque du Socks continue!

I am itching to cast on something else, as well, but I think this is still reaction to the bout of monogamous knitting during the Olympics. I sure hope I get over it fairly soon! I may run out of needles!

Look for more this week, as I'm taking a lot of call and may get a lot more done! Until then, I'm still Half a Sheep.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Boogity, boogity, boogity

Please forgive the lack of postings this week....busy, busy!

DH has been having trouble with his leg (previously stented open TWICE) and had to see the vascular surgeon on Monday. On Thursday, we wound up at the hospital having an aortogram with R U N N O F T. (See "Oh, Brother, Where art Thou?") The results: he has another occlustion of the Right iliac artery, which means that he will be going into the hospital tomorrow to have a femoral to femoral bypass done. Great.

Now, prior to all this, he invited his brother and sister-in-law to visit, and go the NEXTEL cup races at Texas Motor Speedway. So, here I have a husband who can't walk 10 yards without resting, two KY natives in the big city, and a race to get to. The logistics of THAT were mind boggling. Plus, I had to work in between hospitals, family, kids, etc.

Needless to say, not a lot of knitting going on. I did manage to finish the Jaywalkers while we were waiting for the surgeon to report back on what we were going to have to do.

These were knit with Lorna's Laces yarn. I love the colors, but found it interesting the way the colors pooled on the feet. Anyone have any ideas how to prevent this in the future? I knit each sock the same, but would've liked them much more if I could've kept the stripes going as on the leg.

(Note the pigeon toed picture, trying to illustrate the stripes!) But, they're finished and I love them. VERY comfortable pattern! Thank you, Grumperina!!!

Will post more this week, hopefully. With DH out of commission, it's liable to get really frantic around here! Prayers, good thoughts, etc. will be gratefully accepted!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rendering Ceasar

Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's....

Knitters who live in the US all know what's coming....April 15th. Tax day.
Now, I know that every year on April 15th, I'm going to have to pay money.
I know that I need all my information to enter on the tax forms.
I know that I need to have paid quarterly taxes all year long.
I know that I will need to make a trip to North Dallas to the financial planner dude to fund Keough, educational funds, etc. in order to pay the government less.
So, why do I resent it so?


(Sorry for the shouting, but it pisses me right off!)

I envy women who get to knit for hours instead of minutes!
I envy those who actually have FO's to post!

Now, my son actually WORKS for the IRS ( I sound proud?) in DC. I really wouldn't mind paying taxes so much if they would just let me send HIM a check. I might even send it early. Just deduct it from what you owe him! :)

Speaking of which, son, nuera y piqueno nineto flew through DFW on Friday, so I actually got to SEE him for an hour! This is the first time we've been able to see each other since Thanksgiving 2004! WOW! He got SO BIG!

Gratuitous Grandma and Grandson picture!

While he looks a little like a deer in the headlights here, by the time they left he was blowing kisses and saying "Vamos?". I plan to go to DC in June. Give me a couple of weeks with this guy and I'll have him wrapped around my little finger (or me around his!)!

Knitting has been limited, because of filthy lucre greedy jerks who want their money ON TIME!
Such as it is, I have rounded the heel on the second's all downhill from here!

I also finally got the nerve to cast on the rogue AGAIN!

Now this is only the hem, but it IS straight! No more moeibus rougues for me, no sir! And I will always know when I reach the end of my round, thanks to my beautiful stitch markers, courtesy of Rabbitch. Take a bow!

Isn't it beautiful?

Perhaps more knitting time this week...if DH doesn't object to me knitting at the NASCAR race!