Sunday, March 05, 2006

So much to little time

I'm not sure what is going on, but Blogger is being a butt!
I had a wonderful blog all planned, and it won't let me put everything together the way I want.
And everytime I check on how it looks...I loose the whole thing! AARGH!

Right now I'm working on my grandson's sweater that I started right before the Knitting Olympics. I just can't seem to get into stockinette right now. I'm suffering from Post Knitting Olympic Knitits. I want to knit fast and furiously! And I want to do complicated things! Plain vanilla knitting won't do!

On Wednesday, while on call at another hospital, I found a LYS about 5 minutes away! Just the perfect place to browse while waiting for someting to happen. (I could spend LOTS of money this way!) It's a lovely little shop called Yarn and Stitches and is located in Richardson, TX. The ladies in the shop were very nice, and a joy to talk with. I purchased some #1 Addi's and began to teach myself to knit socks on two needles. And not just any sock....Jaywalkers!

These are being knit with Lorna's Laces sock yarn. The colors are actually Turquoise, Violet and a very deep fuscia. Camera colors leave much to be desired here.

I also purchased a book that I have been lusting after

As well a some more yarn...Katia Missisipi print....yummy!

The next day I finally got my mail and lookie, lookie!

Lots and lots of Socks that Rock!!!! I'm thinking Mermaids, from the new book!

I also got some of this on sale on Friday

This is for a sweater for the Katie diva for fall.

And look what else showed up this week....

The questionably other half saw these and has requested a sweater. This from the man who says "Real men don't wear sweaters!" If you knit your husband a sweater, will he go away??

Then, today, I did a semi-stash survey...

I think I'd better go knit something....


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