Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Best Laid Plans

Well, I planned to post all kinds of wonderful knitting pictures to the blog this week. I planned to be well into the cables on the Rogue hoodie from the Girl from Auntie, as well as to have finished my Jaywalkers. But, as the title says...

This is the view of my yard last Sunday afternoon.

I guess you could declare our months of drought in Dallas officially OVER! We got over 6 inches of rain in about 12 hours here, but almost 10.5 inches in the middle of town. A woman actually drowned in the middle of the city! Just so you know, this is the same view this Sunday.

Yes, the water eventually receded. My youngest asked if I thought it would continue for "30 days and 30 nights." Think I need to work on her biblical knowledge?

Now, I did cast on the Rogue Hoodie. And after 7 rows of twisted stockinette stitch, I frogged it. Why, you ask. Because I was knitting a moeibus Rogue! I THOUGHT I checked to make sure that my stitches weren't twisted when I joined it, but apparantly I missed it. By the time it became apparant to all that this wasn't right, I had already done the whole hem. I frogged the thing and was too depressed for a couple of days to start it again. Right now I've cast on and knit 2 rows (not even enough to take pictures of!).

The Jaywalkers are progressing, slowly. Work and other obligations have cut into my knitting time drastically. My partner is on vacation, so I'm doing alot more call...and we've been busy. But...they ARE progressing.

Eventually, all things will finish!

Good news, I got my first installment from BMFA for the Rockin Sock Club! Along with my "emergency sock yarn!" It is absolutely too cute! I'm also waiting for my stitch markers from Rabbitch. They are en route. I cannot wait! You have to see these! And for those of you who are waiting for to get their collective act together and get us our lovely Harlot's new book...mine shipped on Friday!

All in all, a better week is in the offing!


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