Sunday, March 26, 2006

Second post of the day!

I had to add this when I found it! Too cute!
Handcrafted Artificial Lifeform Fabricated for Accurate Sabotage, Hazardous Exploration and Efficient Peacekeeping

Does it look like me?

The Best Laid Plans

Well, I planned to post all kinds of wonderful knitting pictures to the blog this week. I planned to be well into the cables on the Rogue hoodie from the Girl from Auntie, as well as to have finished my Jaywalkers. But, as the title says...

This is the view of my yard last Sunday afternoon.

I guess you could declare our months of drought in Dallas officially OVER! We got over 6 inches of rain in about 12 hours here, but almost 10.5 inches in the middle of town. A woman actually drowned in the middle of the city! Just so you know, this is the same view this Sunday.

Yes, the water eventually receded. My youngest asked if I thought it would continue for "30 days and 30 nights." Think I need to work on her biblical knowledge?

Now, I did cast on the Rogue Hoodie. And after 7 rows of twisted stockinette stitch, I frogged it. Why, you ask. Because I was knitting a moeibus Rogue! I THOUGHT I checked to make sure that my stitches weren't twisted when I joined it, but apparantly I missed it. By the time it became apparant to all that this wasn't right, I had already done the whole hem. I frogged the thing and was too depressed for a couple of days to start it again. Right now I've cast on and knit 2 rows (not even enough to take pictures of!).

The Jaywalkers are progressing, slowly. Work and other obligations have cut into my knitting time drastically. My partner is on vacation, so I'm doing alot more call...and we've been busy. But...they ARE progressing.

Eventually, all things will finish!

Good news, I got my first installment from BMFA for the Rockin Sock Club! Along with my "emergency sock yarn!" It is absolutely too cute! I'm also waiting for my stitch markers from Rabbitch. They are en route. I cannot wait! You have to see these! And for those of you who are waiting for to get their collective act together and get us our lovely Harlot's new book...mine shipped on Friday!

All in all, a better week is in the offing!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who's my Daddy??????

I know that these things are bogus, and can be annoying, but I absolutely HAD to post this one!

Your Daddy Is Johnny Depp

What You Call Him: Old Man

Why You Love Him: He knows best

OMG! Wouldn't it just figure that "Cap'n Jack Sparrow" is my favorite character, EVER! And wouldn't it figure that DH absolutely cannot STAND him? Tee, hee!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


"I don't even believe this one..." she says as she giggles hysterically all the way to Blogger!

You Are Rowlf the Dog
Mellow and serious, you enjoy time alone cultivating your talents.You're a cool dog, and you always present a relaxed vibe.A talented pianist, you can play almost anything - especially songs by Beethoven."My bark is worse than my bite, and my piano playing beats 'em both."

Beside the fact that I have FOUR dogs (and 2 cats), now I can BE one!

Lucky dog!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Broken

If you are a mother, and your children are on Spring Break, you will understand the title of this post!

I love my children. I really do. In much smaller doses than I have had this week.

BOTH of the girls are on spring break. At the same time.

While the eldest was in high school, this wasn't a particular problem, as her sister was in daycare. She simply dropped her off on her way to "hang out" or do whatever she did on her break. But, now, she lives in Austin, at UT, and we only see her when she has breaks from school. Which means that her little sister only sees her then, too. And, being almost 10, she expects her big sister to pay attention to HER. Most of my week has been spent consoling a small child because "Sissy won't play with me", or, alternately, getting on to her for getting into her sister's "stuff." AARGH!

The eldest walked in with this:

I personally think she does things like this to shock me. But I rose to the occasion. I told her if she got a cold, she would blow snot out her nose, sideways.

I did manage to get some work done on down and (to avoid SSS) second is cast on and running! (Apparently Blogger won't let me post any more pictures. I think the nose ring caused it to go on Spring Broke, too!)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

So much for higher education

"One little kitty, TWO little kitty, THREE little kitty...muhahaha" the Count, Sesame Street

I used to think I could count.
I actually remember learning to count to one hundred.
I remember learning to add and subtract by counting change with my mother (she worked as a waitress when I was young, and always had pockets full of change to be counted). I learned to multiply and divide the same way, multiplying rolls of quarters, etc. This was all before I started school.

In school, I was always top of the class in math and reading. In college, I made it all the way to differential equations! I've been known to tell my children that the two most important subjects in school are reading and math, because everything else is based on these two subjects.
I can outstrip a calculator in adding columns of numbers. I beat the cash register at the store, every time.

What a comeuppance to find out that I can't count!

How did I find out, you ask?

By Jaywalking.

Yes, Jaywalker socks a la Grumperina.

I read the pattern carefully. I prepared my materials. I cast on and knit for several rounds, and all was well. Each time, I counted stitches. Each time the pattern got more and more familiar. Then....
I couldn't count.
I should have had 42 stitches...I had 40. Tink, tink, back to 42...OK. Knit, knit, tink, tink, knit, knit, tink ,tink. (And this with Lorna's Laces sock yarn on US #1 needles!). I swear that 2 + 2 used to equal 4, but NOT ON THIS SOCK! Jaywalkers exist in a black hole in the universe where all real numbers are sucked flat! Only imaginary numbers (remember those, math nerds?) exist in this pattern. Pattern? OK, I re-read the pattern. Shit.

I can't read either!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

So much to little time

I'm not sure what is going on, but Blogger is being a butt!
I had a wonderful blog all planned, and it won't let me put everything together the way I want.
And everytime I check on how it looks...I loose the whole thing! AARGH!

Right now I'm working on my grandson's sweater that I started right before the Knitting Olympics. I just can't seem to get into stockinette right now. I'm suffering from Post Knitting Olympic Knitits. I want to knit fast and furiously! And I want to do complicated things! Plain vanilla knitting won't do!

On Wednesday, while on call at another hospital, I found a LYS about 5 minutes away! Just the perfect place to browse while waiting for someting to happen. (I could spend LOTS of money this way!) It's a lovely little shop called Yarn and Stitches and is located in Richardson, TX. The ladies in the shop were very nice, and a joy to talk with. I purchased some #1 Addi's and began to teach myself to knit socks on two needles. And not just any sock....Jaywalkers!

These are being knit with Lorna's Laces sock yarn. The colors are actually Turquoise, Violet and a very deep fuscia. Camera colors leave much to be desired here.

I also purchased a book that I have been lusting after

As well a some more yarn...Katia Missisipi print....yummy!

The next day I finally got my mail and lookie, lookie!

Lots and lots of Socks that Rock!!!! I'm thinking Mermaids, from the new book!

I also got some of this on sale on Friday

This is for a sweater for the Katie diva for fall.

And look what else showed up this week....

The questionably other half saw these and has requested a sweater. This from the man who says "Real men don't wear sweaters!" If you knit your husband a sweater, will he go away??

Then, today, I did a semi-stash survey...

I think I'd better go knit something....