Monday, February 27, 2006

The Rest of the Story

I told you that I would get back with the rest of the it goes.
Ice storms, call, weird family emergencies, dogs, cats and husband notwithstanding, I planned on finishing by Friday. I figured it out, and it wouldn't be a big deal...just a couple of hours on Thursday, then sewing it up on Friday. I haven't even been posting to this blog, just to make sure I finished on time.
Then it all life, that is, NOT the sweater!!! (Scared you, didn't I?)
K had a school project that she needed help with. Hubby wanted any kind of attention at all (even if it meant getting stabbed with the needles) and kept pestering. Wednesday was only good for about 20 minutes, while I was on call, as labor and delivery was crazy. Thursday night I slept, since I didn't Wednesday night. we are at Friday. Of course, when I bought the very expensive and wonderful tickets to the symphony, I didn't know there would be a Knitting Olympics! And this was the Mozart Celebration! So, off I went. Without sweater, as it was too bulky at that point to knit decently in a concert. Great concert, by the way, but now we are at Saturday.
Saturday morning, bright and early, with coffee in hand, I began knitting the last 15 rows of both sleeves (I did them simultaneously, since counting is out of the question with the hoard I live with) and the collard to do. I had plenty of time. I did laundry on breaks. I drank LOTS of coffee. I knit and knit. Just when I had bound off the collar...the beeper goes off. Crapito! Double crapito! Labor and delivery.
Off I trot to the hospital, knitting in tow. Epidural in, charted. Knitting in hand, ready to sew.
I managed to do the shoulder and collar, as per instructions. Dr. wants to do a C-section on another patient. Triple crapito!
On to the OR...One C-section. When we got out, the other woman needed some more medication...pump ran dry. By the time I had finished charting, dosing, etc. and picked up the needle, it was after 10pm. Then our OB went to check the laboring patient. Complete, time to push. OK, I put the sweater down, thinking, I'll be going home in 30 minutes or so. WRONG! Patient is why the Dr. didn't figure that out before, I don't know. Second C-section. We are now at quadruple crapito! To make a very long story short, I didn't get home until after one am.
I don't know about you, but I was not about to try to set in sleeves at one in the morning!
So...we'll just get up a little problem.
Now don't think I'm complaning(much). I love my family. But when I have a day that I can sleep in, it never fails that a dog will bark to be let out...everyone's asleep, so I get up. Or the youngest just "can't sleep any longer" and I HAVE TO GET UP! (K. up by herself is UGLY! The kitchen could be a disaster by the time anyone finds out!)
Counting on my internal and family fail-safe alarms, instead of a clock, I fell asleep.....and woke up at 10 AM. Three hours until closing ceremonies (CST)! Quintuple crapito!!!!! They just decided to let me sleep in, since I'd been working and knitting so hard! *sigh*
I sewed and coffee'd frantically, telling everyone they were nothing but a bunch of freaking knitting saboteurs, and that they just couldn't be relied upon for anything. (At least they had sense enough not to come to close, as I was sewing...THAT needle is considerably sharper than the Addi's. But I finished! With only 25 minutes left, I finished! Yeah! I feel unbeleivably great! Now I am basking in post-Olympic glory, my laurel wreath firmly planted on my brow and my stash scattered to kingdome come, going "OK, what am I going to knit NEXT?" :)


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