Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Post qualifying...after the Short Program

I had intended to post on Saturday, after an entire night of knitting to the opening of the XX Olympiad (which was beautiful), but due to a number of reasons (which you will meet later in this posting), that didn't happen!

After the debacle of the guage swatch (which I finally got right!), I thought that I was all set. I had the proper size needles, without a mad rush to my LYS for a longer size Addi Turbo. I had more than enough yarn (2 balls more than the pattern required). I had studied the pattern for almost a week...no major glitches that I could see. Yes, I would be knitting from a chart, but the chart was very straight forward...knit and purl. I had coffee. I had chocolate. I had all of the remote controls to all the electronic devices in the living room. As the athletes marched into the stadium, I watched with anticipation, not of Olympic splendor, but of knitting splendor! I would surpass myself! I would knit like the wind! Nothing could stop me!

As the Olympic flag was carried in, I was mentally preparing myself for about how many rows I would need to do in ribbing. As the torch approached, I worried about how my astigmatism would affect my ability to count tiny little boxes...I know, draw lines every five boxes, so I can count easier (problem solved). I cast on as the torch lit the night sky! The excitement was tremendous. I ribbed for five rows (about 1 1/4 inches). As Pavarotti sang the finale from Turandot and I headed for the body of the sweater...DISASTER! In all my planning, studying, swatching, etc., I had failed to notice that the graph was WRONG! PANIC!!!!

I looked at the graph. I looked at the picture of the sweater. I looked at the graph again. It called for several rows of knit stitch with occasional lines or partial rows of purl. But the picture was in stockinette stitch, with purl lines on the front of the work! What the.....?????

Now, I love some of Katia's designs. And I am completely taken with the colors in their Nepal yarn. But whoever they hired to translate the pattern from Spanish to English is an idiot! (I hope that they aren't reading this!). Because I live in Texas, I have to have more than just a passing knowledge of Spanish (not to mention that I have a Chilean daughter-in-law). So I had to go back and look at the pattern en espagnol. Now punto jersey dereche apparantly means "stockinette stitch" and punto jersey reverso means "reverse stockinette stitch". SO....I had to figure out whether I should be knitting or purling a ROW, THEN I had to REVERSE it when it came to the stitches marked as purl! I think that was the knitting equivalent of Shaun White almost not qualifying on the men's halfpipe snowboard competition! But "todo es mejor ahora!". I will press on to GOLD!

Now for the gratuitous knitting pictures:)

This is the back of the sweater, with it's intended recipient anxiously watching, so that nothing happens to her sweater.

This is the front, which is actually about 1/3rd finished. Again, under Miss Katie's watchful eye!

Can you find the three dogs with this child?

And finally, la bella Lucy, in her golden splendor.

Sorry, but the two kitties just weren't in the mood.


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