Thursday, February 09, 2006

No time for pics, today! I finally swatched and OMG! Too big! Too big! Gotta re-swatch! I'm on call tonight (and was in-house call last night) and there is NO TIME!!!!! So, do we give up food, or sleep? My bet is sleep....that's my standard choice and why I remain....
HALF A SHEEP! (too punny!)

I hope to have pictures of the swatch (in correct guage, of course) by tomorrow morning, and begin knitting as the flame is lit!

You will note the new button from The Quacking Fiber Addict. It's too wonderful not to post! Another proof that really SMART people KNIT! Actually, I'd like to be on EVERY team out there! I am completely and utterly amazed at the number of knitters joining in and the range of projects! And the enthusiasm with which everyone has joined in! I'm actually EXCITED!

So heigh, ho, it's off to work I go...with dreams of knitting gold!


Blogger jackie said...

ok--i gotta say it--that too big swatch you made kind of goes with your texas button! :)

i was just looking around at some of the other knitters blogs on the knitting olymics page, and i, too am amazed at how many of us there are! love your blog--good luck with the KO!

3:17 PM  

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