Sunday, February 19, 2006

Got 'dem Memphis Blues again, mama!

Welcome to the frozen wasteland that is Memphis, TN!
I am so not used to this!
I am currently stranded (sort of) in Memphis, because I had to come here to a I don't have a lot of hope of getting out of here. Since I drove, I need to drive back...but all the highways here are iced. HELP!
My olympic knitting has progressed a little....but much remains to be done.
Now, do I try to get home, using different routes, or do I sit in the lovely Mariott in downtown Memphis, watching the ice, and knitting for a day or so?
Sounds like a no brainer.....except I miss the short girl and the animals!
So, wish me luck....I'm gone to Jackson!


Blogger betty said...


Thanks for visiting! I see you're also knitting a Katia sweater for the Olympics! Go girl! There's only two days to go! I had to frog most of mine because I forgot the armhole shaping of the front! Silly girl! :)

Good luck!

4:14 AM  

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