Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Wonderful Medal

Da Da Dada Da Da da
Da da da da da da da dada da da da (Hum to the Olympic anthem)
Finally, the Gold !

I want to thank Stephanie Pearl McPhee (aka: The Yarn Harlot).
Thank you for spending so much of your time inspiring us.
Thank you for creating an outlet that, obviously, so many of us needed!
Thank you for your humor, humility, and perseverence in the face of daily adversity!
Thank you for your ability to make all of us feel good about our efforts (not just whether we finished or not)
And thank you for keeping this all together! What a Herculean effort! Worthy of Gold, all by itself!

On to 2010... you know it HAS to be done! :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Rest of the Story

I told you that I would get back with the rest of the story....here it goes.
Ice storms, call, weird family emergencies, dogs, cats and husband notwithstanding, I planned on finishing by Friday. I figured it out, and it wouldn't be a big deal...just a couple of hours on Thursday, then sewing it up on Friday. I haven't even been posting to this blog, just to make sure I finished on time.
Then it all unraveled...my life, that is, NOT the sweater!!! (Scared you, didn't I?)
K had a school project that she needed help with. Hubby wanted any kind of attention at all (even if it meant getting stabbed with the needles) and kept pestering. Wednesday was only good for about 20 minutes, while I was on call, as labor and delivery was crazy. Thursday night I slept, since I didn't Wednesday night. OK...here we are at Friday. Of course, when I bought the very expensive and wonderful tickets to the symphony, I didn't know there would be a Knitting Olympics! And this was the Mozart Celebration! So, off I went. Without sweater, as it was too bulky at that point to knit decently in a concert. Great concert, by the way, but now we are at Saturday.
Saturday morning, bright and early, with coffee in hand, I began knitting the last 15 rows of both sleeves (I did them simultaneously, since counting is out of the question with the hoard I live with) and the collard to do. I had plenty of time. I did laundry on breaks. I drank LOTS of coffee. I knit and knit. Just when I had bound off the collar...the beeper goes off. Crapito! Double crapito! Labor and delivery.
Off I trot to the hospital, knitting in tow. Epidural in, charted. Knitting in hand, ready to sew.
I managed to do the shoulder and collar, as per instructions. Dr. wants to do a C-section on another patient. Triple crapito!
On to the OR...One C-section. When we got out, the other woman needed some more medication...pump ran dry. By the time I had finished charting, dosing, etc. and picked up the needle, it was after 10pm. Then our OB went to check the laboring patient. Complete, time to push. OK, I put the sweater down, thinking, I'll be going home in 30 minutes or so. WRONG! Patient is asynclitic...now why the Dr. didn't figure that out before, I don't know. Second C-section. We are now at quadruple crapito! To make a very long story short, I didn't get home until after one am.
I don't know about you, but I was not about to try to set in sleeves at one in the morning!
So...we'll just get up a little early...no problem.
Now don't think I'm complaning(much). I love my family. But when I have a day that I can sleep in, it never fails that a dog will bark to be let out...everyone's asleep, so I get up. Or the youngest just "can't sleep any longer" and I HAVE TO GET UP! (K. up by herself is UGLY! The kitchen could be a disaster by the time anyone finds out!)
Counting on my internal and family fail-safe alarms, instead of a clock, I fell asleep.....and woke up at 10 AM. Three hours until closing ceremonies (CST)! Quintuple crapito!!!!! They just decided to let me sleep in, since I'd been working and knitting so hard! *sigh*
I sewed and coffee'd frantically, telling everyone they were nothing but a bunch of freaking knitting saboteurs, and that they just couldn't be relied upon for anything. (At least they had sense enough not to come to close, as I was sewing...THAT needle is considerably sharper than the Addi's. But I finished! With only 25 minutes left, I finished! Yeah! I feel unbeleivably great! Now I am basking in post-Olympic glory, my laurel wreath firmly planted on my brow and my stash scattered to kingdome come, going "OK, what am I going to knit NEXT?" :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

And she takes the Gold!!!

Can you believe it!!
Finished, with only 25 minutes to take pictures, post, etc....but it is done!
The lovely model/recipient of my Olympian effort is my youngest daughter, Katie, who obviously aspires to the dramatic!
I will rearrange the pictures later, and tell the story, but for now, this will do!


And, since we are knitting not only for Team USA, but for Team TEXAS, as I take to the podium, we will display the Lone Star Flag and sing "Oh Texas, My Texas!!!!"
Yee Ha!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Got 'dem Memphis Blues again, mama!

Welcome to the frozen wasteland that is Memphis, TN!
I am so not used to this!
I am currently stranded (sort of) in Memphis, because I had to come here to a class...now I don't have a lot of hope of getting out of here. Since I drove, I need to drive back...but all the highways here are iced. HELP!
My olympic knitting has progressed a little....but much remains to be done.
Now, do I try to get home, using different routes, or do I sit in the lovely Mariott in downtown Memphis, watching the ice, and knitting for a day or so?
Sounds like a no brainer.....except I miss the short girl and the animals!
So, wish me luck....I'm gone to Jackson!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Post qualifying...after the Short Program

I had intended to post on Saturday, after an entire night of knitting to the opening of the XX Olympiad (which was beautiful), but due to a number of reasons (which you will meet later in this posting), that didn't happen!

After the debacle of the guage swatch (which I finally got right!), I thought that I was all set. I had the proper size needles, without a mad rush to my LYS for a longer size Addi Turbo. I had more than enough yarn (2 balls more than the pattern required). I had studied the pattern for almost a week...no major glitches that I could see. Yes, I would be knitting from a chart, but the chart was very straight forward...knit and purl. I had coffee. I had chocolate. I had all of the remote controls to all the electronic devices in the living room. As the athletes marched into the stadium, I watched with anticipation, not of Olympic splendor, but of knitting splendor! I would surpass myself! I would knit like the wind! Nothing could stop me!

As the Olympic flag was carried in, I was mentally preparing myself for about how many rows I would need to do in ribbing. As the torch approached, I worried about how my astigmatism would affect my ability to count tiny little boxes...I know, draw lines every five boxes, so I can count easier (problem solved). I cast on as the torch lit the night sky! The excitement was tremendous. I ribbed for five rows (about 1 1/4 inches). As Pavarotti sang the finale from Turandot and I headed for the body of the sweater...DISASTER! In all my planning, studying, swatching, etc., I had failed to notice that the graph was WRONG! PANIC!!!!

I looked at the graph. I looked at the picture of the sweater. I looked at the graph again. It called for several rows of knit stitch with occasional lines or partial rows of purl. But the picture was in stockinette stitch, with purl lines on the front of the work! What the.....?????

Now, I love some of Katia's designs. And I am completely taken with the colors in their Nepal yarn. But whoever they hired to translate the pattern from Spanish to English is an idiot! (I hope that they aren't reading this!). Because I live in Texas, I have to have more than just a passing knowledge of Spanish (not to mention that I have a Chilean daughter-in-law). So I had to go back and look at the pattern en espagnol. Now punto jersey dereche apparantly means "stockinette stitch" and punto jersey reverso means "reverse stockinette stitch". SO....I had to figure out whether I should be knitting or purling a ROW, THEN I had to REVERSE it when it came to the stitches marked as purl! I think that was the knitting equivalent of Shaun White almost not qualifying on the men's halfpipe snowboard competition! But "todo es mejor ahora!". I will press on to GOLD!

Now for the gratuitous knitting pictures:)

This is the back of the sweater, with it's intended recipient anxiously watching, so that nothing happens to her sweater.

This is the front, which is actually about 1/3rd finished. Again, under Miss Katie's watchful eye!

Can you find the three dogs with this child?

And finally, la bella Lucy, in her golden splendor.

Sorry, but the two kitties just weren't in the mood.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

No time for pics, today! I finally swatched and OMG! Too big! Too big! Gotta re-swatch! I'm on call tonight (and was in-house call last night) and there is NO TIME!!!!! So, do we give up food, or sleep? My bet is sleep....that's my standard choice and why I remain....
HALF A SHEEP! (too punny!)

I hope to have pictures of the swatch (in correct guage, of course) by tomorrow morning, and begin knitting as the flame is lit!

You will note the new button from The Quacking Fiber Addict. It's too wonderful not to post! Another proof that really SMART people KNIT! Actually, I'd like to be on EVERY team out there! I am completely and utterly amazed at the number of knitters joining in and the range of projects! And the enthusiasm with which everyone has joined in! I'm actually EXCITED!

So heigh, ho, it's off to work I go...with dreams of knitting gold!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Get de Button!

For any and all Texan Knitters: GET THE BUTTON!
I want you all to know that this is the first button I have ever made!
I'm so proud!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

OK, Blogger is up and working!!! This is the sweater, the event, the challenge! I am knitting this in these colors, so the finished product should look like this! (Note: I said should!)
The pattern itself isn't all that complex, but I've never knitted a sweater in 16 days (Challenge #1) The pattern has a graph...I've never knitted from a graph (Challenge # 2). I work an incredible number of hours (Challenge # 3). Since I work the aforementioned incredible number of hours, I let my ACLS certification lapse (not from lack of trying, but from inability to schedule a class. So... right smack dab in the middle of the Knitting Olympics, I have to drive to Memphis, TN from Dallas for 2 days to take ACLS! (Challenge #4) All of this occurs while dealing with the T.A.K.E. team that lives with me (i.e., Hubby, 9-year old, 74 year old cousin, 2 cats, 4 dogs....and one non-resident teenager currently at college) (Challenge #5). Am I up for this??? YOU BET!!!!!!!!

See you on the needles!!!