Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You load sixteen tons....what do ya get?

As much as I hate it, this has been a nearly knitless day.

I work in medicine and I am on call. Which happens to mean that today, I will not see my home, my hubby, my kids, my dogs, my cats, or my cousin (who lives with us). I brought my obligatory WIP with me (as usual), but have been exceptionally busy and unable to work on it much. I am on the computer in our call room, waiting for a young girl to be ready for her epidural and simply don't feel like getting set up to knit and then having to put it down right away. I want to knit for HOURS, not minutes, damn it!!!

I have cast on the sleeves for the ungrateful teenager's Katia concoction, and have knit about 1/4 of one sleeve, since yesterday. I need to finish this so I can swatch up for the competition! Our lovely Yarn Harlot is playing host to the winter Knitting Olympics! I must train! My project will be a sweater for the less ungrateful nine year old, done in Katia Nepal. This will be the first time I have tried to knit a sweater in a limited amount of time (and for me, time is what I have the least of). Nor have I ever knit a turtleneck.. in ribbing. I need to sacrifice small amounts of fibers to the yarn gods to make sure I can get it over her pointy little head! It may not be up to the level of Wendy and her Bohus sweaters or the Harlot and her steeking (I cannot even imagine taking scissors to anything I spent an inordinate amout of time knitting!), but it will definitely be a challenge!!!
I can't wait! One pm CST on February 10th! Sharpen your needles!


Blogger Marilyn said...

Oh boy, a fresh comment area! [evil grin]

Jo, you're doing nice work from what I can see. And yes, the Traveling Wilbury socks were a Knit List Christmas gift long ago (1997, maybe? or was that the Leaves of Grass socks?)

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. And trust me, the kids will grow up and leave home before you know it. I never got much knitting time in when mine were little.

2:02 PM  

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