Saturday, January 21, 2006

XHTML and Causes wasn't really HTML...but who knew? You did? No one told me!

Now that I am blogging, and reading blogs everywhere, I've found it necessary, if I want to be a real part of this online community, to learn what all this stuff is. "Stuff" being the generic term for anything I don't understand (or know the name for). Abbreviations on-line, for example. Or computer languages. If I want to join a web-ring, I have to post their "code" on my blog!?!? Now, I have to learn how to do that.

Being a completely compulsive and somewhat anal person (all the better to anesthetize you, my dear), I couldn't be satisfied with simply copying something from someone's site. I had to UNDERSTAND how it got there in the first place! To wit: I went out and got a book...if I can learn to put people to sleep (and wake them up ---important part!) I ought to be able to learn to do this.

Boy did I underestimate the complexity of this! First, I find out I'm not using HTML. OK, it was what I thought it was called! No, now we must use XHTML which is a version of XML which is a version of SGML....and I fell flat asleep! But, lying there with my forehead pressed against the book must've allowed me to absorb something, as I was able to add another link without assistance in about 2 minutes flat! Hooray!

The link that I added is the second part of today's blog.

In the sidebar, you will notice the "Free to Stitch, Free to Bitch" link. When I found out about this from , I was completely incensed! If you read my previous posts, you will realize that Deb Stoller's book was the instrument of my knitting epiphany! I credit her witty style (and cute little pictures) with the rebirth of my interest, nay, obsession with knitting! Now I will count myself with those who have risen to her defense!

Apparantly, we have become a nation which cannot simply "live and let live". No, we must sully each others welcome mats with legal torts in order to feel important. First, has anyone, up till now, ever heard of Sew Fast/Sew Easy? Where the hell is it? Who are these people? Are they knitters? Are they crocheters? Do they even sew? Since no one seemed to know who they are, can they be that large that they can conquer thousands of knitters? With pointed little weapons? NAY! How many hundreds of knitters attend "Stitch n' Bitch" groups? How many people identify the phrase with these groups or Deb and her books? Surely, we are spread across the country!

Secondly, the phrase itself "Stitch and Bitch" is descriptive of actions which we all participate in (to greater or lesser degree :) ) much of the time. Because Bryer's has a "Peaches and Cream" Ice cream, does that mean that someone in Podunk can't have a confectioner's shop called "Peaches and Cream"? Or that I cannot say that a friend has a "Peaches and Cream" complexion? Did SFSE make up the words "Stitch" or "Bitch"? Were they the first ones to ever put them together, in the history of the English language? I think not!

The saddest part is the incredible amounts of money that will be spent, arguing over something that really wasn't all that big a deal to begin with, until SFSE got greedy with the English language! Or, perhaps, this is simply SFSE's way to capitalize on the tremendous success which Ms. Stoller enjoys, and the popularity of the S n' B's across the country! Publicity, even negative, is still publicity! Personally, even if I knew where it was, SFSE would never see my trade! So, save your pennies! As soon as we can find out if there is a legal defense fund for Ms. Stoller, I'm SO there!

In the meantime, I am with Marilyn when I say:


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