Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Projects on sticks

Hi, everyone!

Just as I am new to knitting, I'm new to blogging, so please bear with...
About 6 months ago, I discovered I could knit! Yes, discovered. No, I have not lost my mind. I learned to knit when I was about 8, one boring afternoon. I stuck with it just long enough to finish a purse that measured about 3 inches deep by 4 inches wide, with a strap about 4 feet long. I made it with some god-awful ombre yarn and quit knitting. Crochet was FUN!Crochet was FAST! Sure, the fabric wasn't quite as pretty as knit, but you could crank out a project in NO TIME!

Many years later, I decided to try again...same results. BORING!!!!!After several more years (and several more attempts at trying to make ANYTHING knitted)I gave up.

One day, while giving the devil his due (going to the financial advisor and taking care of tax stuff) I decided to stop by a LYS that I had noticed, rather than fight traffic. I was in the mood to crochet, and figured I needed a new project, pattern, yarn, whatever. The store is called the Woolie Ewe (in Plano, TX). (Do I get discounts for advertising????) A woman there was knitting a beautiful red sweater, that my eldest daughter would love, and I commented that I wish I could knit, but, as a crocheter, I simply couldn't make myself do it.The woman commented, very quitely "Can't never could". I felt like Hamlet, only it was the ghost of my dead mother laughing, so I promptly nabbed the owner, said, "Find me something that I can knit that I won't get bored with" and proceeded to the register. She sold me a Fiesta Yarn shawl pattern, along with a hank of yarn so expensive that I would have felt guity not finishing it (smart lady). I also added in a book, just to make sure I remembered knit and purl. (although the pattern only calls for knit). STITCH N' BITCH! Bless the author of that little gem! Later that night, I was flipping through the pages, reviewing how to make a stitch. First she showed "English" style. (Is there more than ONE???) I turned the page to find CONTINENTAL style knitting. I looked at the picture. I stared at the picture! I held it closer and stared at it some more! Could it be? She was holding yarn in her LEFT HAND! It looked just like I hold yarn to crochet! Holy shit!!!!!I picked up my yarn and miracuously, I could knit! Amazingly, I could purl! Unbelievably, I could do anything! I have knit intarsia, and it is mine! I have knit lace! I CAN KNIT!!!!!! Not only can I knit, I CAN KNIT FAST!!!!May the earth mother bless all the Woolie Ewe people, all the woolie sheep and eveyone else who have gotten me here!

I'm currently knitting a lovely pair of Traveling Willbury socks (from the Knitting Curmudgeon, I think?) in Koigu, for my wonderful cousin, who has adopted my girl in college. She works at the university that my daughter attends, and has been a wonderful mentor (and savior) for my oldest girl. What better way to say thanks and hugs and kisses than several thousand stitches of wonderful wool?

I'm also working on a sweater derived from a Katia pattern book. It started as a coat but we shortened it to sweater length. I've done the back and most of the left front in Katia Nepal. I love the blocks of color in this varigated, bulky yarn!!!! It's gorgeous. As soon as I figure out how to upload photos on to this, I will post them!

I work (alot) outside my home, so I usually take one portable project with me every day. I will take larger projects when I'm on call, and have to stay at work.

Anyone with comments or who can help me learn to do this blogging thing, feel free! I have the thickest skin on the planet, and would certainly appreciate any help I can get!

Till next time, I am half a sheep!


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