Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One TAKE agent out...one remains!

Just so you know that I am still here....I figured I'd better post the pictures I promised. If anyone is out there lurking, or reading, I may have to do away with the elder princess of the house. She's back off to that hotbed of rampant liberalism that we used to call a University...probably in the nick of time! Too many more days of biting my tongue and I would've had to start working on my fingers...and then where would we be?

The Yarn Harlot calls these insidious agents members of T.A.K.E. (Team Against Knitting Enjoyment) I heartily agree! No matter what time of day (or night) that I think I can relax, and maybe knit a few rows without interruption, one or the other of these creatures I actually had surgery to give birth to will find a way to stop me. "Mom, I need... ". This was ok when they were younger. They NEEDED me. "I need a cookie." "I need to go potty." It was my job. Now, however, they are coming up with "Mom, I need a new laptop." "Mom, I need more money." "Mom, I need you to take me, feed me, buy me, fix me, or make me" SOMETHING, 24-7. AARGH. Like I said, good thing one has gone back to school!

A good example is this sweater. It is a pattern in the latest Katia pattern book. When I offered to knit a sweater I thought my eldest would love, her response was "EEEEWWWWW". So I turned her loose with the book. She picked out a long coat...okay. Aside from the fact that I might have to mortgage my house for the yarn, it was actually very classy. But....could I make it shorter? Sure....how short? Oh, the length of the sweater (that she didn't like). AARGH! At any rate, here is a picture of the back. Both fronts are finished and I'm working on the sleeves. I love the way this is coming together, using Katia Nepal yarn. The colors are in random blocks and work larger or smaller blocks depending on the width of the piece. Makes for interesting patterning!

I particularly like the twisted 1x1 ribbing at the bottom.

Now, all you have to do is pray that I finish it before I throttle her!


Blogger Half Asheep's Lil Lamb said...

Hey mom! I got a blog on here so I could leave you comments! Cool beans, huh? And I love my sweater. I had to compromise the length! Blahhhhhhhhhhh... I'm spazzing!!! Check ya laterz!

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