Sunday, January 29, 2006

of FO's and new WIP's

I haven't posted in several days...I actually decided that I needed to be knitting, instead of messing with the computer, since the Knitting Olympics has become such an incredible competition! Training, you know! Since I am currently knitting a sweater in the same yarn that I will use for my Olympic event, I consider this "training." Of course, I've been working on this sweater for 6 weeks....can I finish one in 16 days?????

Anyway, I finally finished the sweater, including all the weaving of ends. All that is left to do is the buttons, but after all that sewing, I really wasn't up to buttons today. I will do that this week, as the elder princess will be in town for the Super Bowl. (Trust me, she doesn't care much about football, but the boyfriend does!) Would you like to see it? OK....

This is the collar

And this is the picture overall...I hope the detail comes across!

I am very happy with the way this has turned out...wait till you see it with the buttons!!

While I was waiting for the yourngest to finish her bath, I started on this project...more training for the Olympics (plus, I need to knit something for my grandson)
I am knitting this sweater in the recommended yarn

And this is how far I made it

Olympic notes:

You will notice that there are several more buttons on the sidebar under the olympics! I am absolutely delighted with the buttons from JenLa! They are hysterical! Also, the Welsh knitting team is amazing! I think we should ALL join them! (Plus, they'll just about take anybody!). An amazing number of people are signing up for the event! It's nice to know that there are so many of us out there!

More pics to come....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

XHTML and Causes wasn't really HTML...but who knew? You did? No one told me!

Now that I am blogging, and reading blogs everywhere, I've found it necessary, if I want to be a real part of this online community, to learn what all this stuff is. "Stuff" being the generic term for anything I don't understand (or know the name for). Abbreviations on-line, for example. Or computer languages. If I want to join a web-ring, I have to post their "code" on my blog!?!? Now, I have to learn how to do that.

Being a completely compulsive and somewhat anal person (all the better to anesthetize you, my dear), I couldn't be satisfied with simply copying something from someone's site. I had to UNDERSTAND how it got there in the first place! To wit: I went out and got a book...if I can learn to put people to sleep (and wake them up ---important part!) I ought to be able to learn to do this.

Boy did I underestimate the complexity of this! First, I find out I'm not using HTML. OK, it was what I thought it was called! No, now we must use XHTML which is a version of XML which is a version of SGML....and I fell flat asleep! But, lying there with my forehead pressed against the book must've allowed me to absorb something, as I was able to add another link without assistance in about 2 minutes flat! Hooray!

The link that I added is the second part of today's blog.

In the sidebar, you will notice the "Free to Stitch, Free to Bitch" link. When I found out about this from , I was completely incensed! If you read my previous posts, you will realize that Deb Stoller's book was the instrument of my knitting epiphany! I credit her witty style (and cute little pictures) with the rebirth of my interest, nay, obsession with knitting! Now I will count myself with those who have risen to her defense!

Apparantly, we have become a nation which cannot simply "live and let live". No, we must sully each others welcome mats with legal torts in order to feel important. First, has anyone, up till now, ever heard of Sew Fast/Sew Easy? Where the hell is it? Who are these people? Are they knitters? Are they crocheters? Do they even sew? Since no one seemed to know who they are, can they be that large that they can conquer thousands of knitters? With pointed little weapons? NAY! How many hundreds of knitters attend "Stitch n' Bitch" groups? How many people identify the phrase with these groups or Deb and her books? Surely, we are spread across the country!

Secondly, the phrase itself "Stitch and Bitch" is descriptive of actions which we all participate in (to greater or lesser degree :) ) much of the time. Because Bryer's has a "Peaches and Cream" Ice cream, does that mean that someone in Podunk can't have a confectioner's shop called "Peaches and Cream"? Or that I cannot say that a friend has a "Peaches and Cream" complexion? Did SFSE make up the words "Stitch" or "Bitch"? Were they the first ones to ever put them together, in the history of the English language? I think not!

The saddest part is the incredible amounts of money that will be spent, arguing over something that really wasn't all that big a deal to begin with, until SFSE got greedy with the English language! Or, perhaps, this is simply SFSE's way to capitalize on the tremendous success which Ms. Stoller enjoys, and the popularity of the S n' B's across the country! Publicity, even negative, is still publicity! Personally, even if I knew where it was, SFSE would never see my trade! So, save your pennies! As soon as we can find out if there is a legal defense fund for Ms. Stoller, I'm SO there!

In the meantime, I am with Marilyn when I say:

Thursday, January 19, 2006

HTML anyone?

I think blogging might just be cool!

If anyone has read my blog, you will now notice that I have edited my sidebar!!! All by my lonesome!

Yeah, Me! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You load sixteen tons....what do ya get?

As much as I hate it, this has been a nearly knitless day.

I work in medicine and I am on call. Which happens to mean that today, I will not see my home, my hubby, my kids, my dogs, my cats, or my cousin (who lives with us). I brought my obligatory WIP with me (as usual), but have been exceptionally busy and unable to work on it much. I am on the computer in our call room, waiting for a young girl to be ready for her epidural and simply don't feel like getting set up to knit and then having to put it down right away. I want to knit for HOURS, not minutes, damn it!!!

I have cast on the sleeves for the ungrateful teenager's Katia concoction, and have knit about 1/4 of one sleeve, since yesterday. I need to finish this so I can swatch up for the competition! Our lovely Yarn Harlot is playing host to the winter Knitting Olympics! I must train! My project will be a sweater for the less ungrateful nine year old, done in Katia Nepal. This will be the first time I have tried to knit a sweater in a limited amount of time (and for me, time is what I have the least of). Nor have I ever knit a turtleneck.. in ribbing. I need to sacrifice small amounts of fibers to the yarn gods to make sure I can get it over her pointy little head! It may not be up to the level of Wendy and her Bohus sweaters or the Harlot and her steeking (I cannot even imagine taking scissors to anything I spent an inordinate amout of time knitting!), but it will definitely be a challenge!!!
I can't wait! One pm CST on February 10th! Sharpen your needles!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One TAKE agent remains!

Just so you know that I am still here....I figured I'd better post the pictures I promised. If anyone is out there lurking, or reading, I may have to do away with the elder princess of the house. She's back off to that hotbed of rampant liberalism that we used to call a University...probably in the nick of time! Too many more days of biting my tongue and I would've had to start working on my fingers...and then where would we be?

The Yarn Harlot calls these insidious agents members of T.A.K.E. (Team Against Knitting Enjoyment) I heartily agree! No matter what time of day (or night) that I think I can relax, and maybe knit a few rows without interruption, one or the other of these creatures I actually had surgery to give birth to will find a way to stop me. "Mom, I need... ". This was ok when they were younger. They NEEDED me. "I need a cookie." "I need to go potty." It was my job. Now, however, they are coming up with "Mom, I need a new laptop." "Mom, I need more money." "Mom, I need you to take me, feed me, buy me, fix me, or make me" SOMETHING, 24-7. AARGH. Like I said, good thing one has gone back to school!

A good example is this sweater. It is a pattern in the latest Katia pattern book. When I offered to knit a sweater I thought my eldest would love, her response was "EEEEWWWWW". So I turned her loose with the book. She picked out a long coat...okay. Aside from the fact that I might have to mortgage my house for the yarn, it was actually very classy. But....could I make it shorter? short? Oh, the length of the sweater (that she didn't like). AARGH! At any rate, here is a picture of the back. Both fronts are finished and I'm working on the sleeves. I love the way this is coming together, using Katia Nepal yarn. The colors are in random blocks and work larger or smaller blocks depending on the width of the piece. Makes for interesting patterning!

I particularly like the twisted 1x1 ribbing at the bottom.

Now, all you have to do is pray that I finish it before I throttle her!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I don't know if this is proper knit blog etiquette, but I am definitely in on the 2000 sock thing!!! Camera should be up and running tomorrow with pictures of WIP's!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Projects on sticks

Hi, everyone!

Just as I am new to knitting, I'm new to blogging, so please bear with...
About 6 months ago, I discovered I could knit! Yes, discovered. No, I have not lost my mind. I learned to knit when I was about 8, one boring afternoon. I stuck with it just long enough to finish a purse that measured about 3 inches deep by 4 inches wide, with a strap about 4 feet long. I made it with some god-awful ombre yarn and quit knitting. Crochet was FUN!Crochet was FAST! Sure, the fabric wasn't quite as pretty as knit, but you could crank out a project in NO TIME!

Many years later, I decided to try again...same results. BORING!!!!!After several more years (and several more attempts at trying to make ANYTHING knitted)I gave up.

One day, while giving the devil his due (going to the financial advisor and taking care of tax stuff) I decided to stop by a LYS that I had noticed, rather than fight traffic. I was in the mood to crochet, and figured I needed a new project, pattern, yarn, whatever. The store is called the Woolie Ewe (in Plano, TX). (Do I get discounts for advertising????) A woman there was knitting a beautiful red sweater, that my eldest daughter would love, and I commented that I wish I could knit, but, as a crocheter, I simply couldn't make myself do it.The woman commented, very quitely "Can't never could". I felt like Hamlet, only it was the ghost of my dead mother laughing, so I promptly nabbed the owner, said, "Find me something that I can knit that I won't get bored with" and proceeded to the register. She sold me a Fiesta Yarn shawl pattern, along with a hank of yarn so expensive that I would have felt guity not finishing it (smart lady). I also added in a book, just to make sure I remembered knit and purl. (although the pattern only calls for knit). STITCH N' BITCH! Bless the author of that little gem! Later that night, I was flipping through the pages, reviewing how to make a stitch. First she showed "English" style. (Is there more than ONE???) I turned the page to find CONTINENTAL style knitting. I looked at the picture. I stared at the picture! I held it closer and stared at it some more! Could it be? She was holding yarn in her LEFT HAND! It looked just like I hold yarn to crochet! Holy shit!!!!!I picked up my yarn and miracuously, I could knit! Amazingly, I could purl! Unbelievably, I could do anything! I have knit intarsia, and it is mine! I have knit lace! I CAN KNIT!!!!!! Not only can I knit, I CAN KNIT FAST!!!!May the earth mother bless all the Woolie Ewe people, all the woolie sheep and eveyone else who have gotten me here!

I'm currently knitting a lovely pair of Traveling Willbury socks (from the Knitting Curmudgeon, I think?) in Koigu, for my wonderful cousin, who has adopted my girl in college. She works at the university that my daughter attends, and has been a wonderful mentor (and savior) for my oldest girl. What better way to say thanks and hugs and kisses than several thousand stitches of wonderful wool?

I'm also working on a sweater derived from a Katia pattern book. It started as a coat but we shortened it to sweater length. I've done the back and most of the left front in Katia Nepal. I love the blocks of color in this varigated, bulky yarn!!!! It's gorgeous. As soon as I figure out how to upload photos on to this, I will post them!

I work (alot) outside my home, so I usually take one portable project with me every day. I will take larger projects when I'm on call, and have to stay at work.

Anyone with comments or who can help me learn to do this blogging thing, feel free! I have the thickest skin on the planet, and would certainly appreciate any help I can get!

Till next time, I am half a sheep!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's happening to me?

I can't believe I've begun this...I hope to continue to post and join the rest of the knitters who have inspired this adventure! If anyone out there has any ideas, or suggestions, I know that you will post them!

First, let me tell you that I'm new to blogging.
Second, let me tell you that I'm relatively new to knitting.
Third, I must tell you that I am completely obsessed by it! I read knitting. I sleep knitting. I knit at work, in traffic, at the doctor's office, in line at the tax office, at Starbucks. And, I buy yarn EVERYWHERE!

Is there hope?