Thursday, August 03, 2006

Keep on Bloggin', Mama!

Blog my blues away....
(with apologies!)
I have had the best blogging day yet!

My blog was mentioned on Stephanie's post about Austin! I hope she enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed meeting her in person! That alone generated a spate of comments, which were wonderfully nice!
And, Blogger actually let some comments in! I don't know if everyone who came posted something, but 5 comments actually got through! I don't know about anyone else, but Blogger seems to have technical difficulties, quite often. Is this common with everyone's blogs? At any rate, I've opened a Typepad account and will soon be moving the blog. I'm going to work on it more this weekend.

Now, to answer some of the very lovely people who stopped by:

Violetsrose, Denise and Jess all wanted to know about the Blue Sky Alpaca DPN's in the lovely, ever-so-convenient tins...

These lovelies are Sizes 0, 1 and 2, as I felt I needed more needles for socks....(or more reasons to cast on more socks before actually finishing any) They are described on the package as Exceptional Lal Khola wooden needles. When you Google Lal Khola, the only thing I can find is reference to the needles! Who knows what kind of wood this is? The package also lets you know that they are "Made in India by people who are treated well and fairly". (Maybe the Knitting Goddess will adjust my karma accordingly, as they certainly made a fair wage off ME! These puppies are trop cher! )

I haven't gotten to use them yet, but they FEEL wonderful! The wood is smooth, without ridges, or defect that I can feel. But even though they are very smooth, I don't think that they will be too slippery! It almost feels as if it wil "grasp" the yarn without catching it!

They feel a bit more solid than the Crystal Palace DPN's that I'm knitting the background sock with, as well! (I certainly hope so, as I have a tendency to *snap* mine in half!) The points are fairly sharp, but taper quickly to the full diameter of the needle. I don't know how that will affect decreases (like k2tog), but I'll let you know when I find out!


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stalking in Austin!

I fear I am not alone!

If stalking is a sport, it was elevated to an art form yesterday, in Austin!

I arrived at about 8:30, after driving 3 1/2 hours from find two women sitting at the bus stop on S. Congress...the only signs of life. I parked my car and began walking to the church, when I noticed that both these women were armed....with pointy sticks and yarn! Eureka!

As we waited, and busses went by, we waved them off with our needles...."Not us! We're waiting for the Harlot!" (and stupid me didn't get my camera out!)

Gradually, more people arrived. They finally opened the church doors when the ambient temperature reached about 90 degrees. We filed in, in small packs, like wool-verines!

Imagine a couple of hundred knitters, pointy instruments in hand awaiting the arrival of their heroine!

My bus stop buddies and I got in the very front row (excellent stalking skills, that!)

Incredible amounts of public knitting going on with this group! Everyone was checking out each other's this Regia sock yarn that I so HAVE to have...

Not to mention our lovely Ken doll
Bermuda shorts! TOO HOT!

Someone even brought the size 7 Sheep that goes with my Half a Sheep!

Then it was time...
Cowboy hat in hand, with Giant Yak in foreground, we finally meet our Harlot, face to faces!

And, of course, THE SOCK! (Ee ees so veery hansom in de person, no?)

On a serious note, if you EVER have the opportunity to see Stephanie in person, break your neck to get there! I have rarely enjoyed listening to someone as much as I did our Harlot! Her humor is even more evident in person, if possible. Kind of a cross between Elizabeth Zimmerman and Rita Rudner! And if she ever tries to tell you that she's shy....I have pictoral evidence to the contrary!

We laughed 'till tears streamed! We hooted and ye-hawed! And loved every minute!

The book signing was held in the small garage behind Hill Country Weavers, so we had to wait our turns (and shop) in the relative coolness of the store! But, you've got to hand it to the Hill Country ladies, they supplied us with Shiner Bock, Corona, Brownies and some of the best Pecan Pralines I've ever had! Can you even bend your brain around a couple of hundred knitters in a small yarn store where they serve beer and chocolate? It was mayhem! Many firm resloves not to increase stash were broken yesterday, including my own!

(Please note the LACEWEIGHT yarn...I have succumbed!)

And we all know that one can never have enough pointy sticks!

And I got to meet a few of my fellow bloggers!
This is Diane S. who I've been chatting with IN PERSON! Yea Texas Bloggers!

We finally got our turn at the "Signing Shed" at about 2 P.M. Please note our heroine is diligently WORKING at this...

(Also note that bottle of Corona as well as the Shiner Bock in the background!) I believe that it was the influence of all that beer that caused our dear Harlot to take a potty break...and to leave the SOCK UNATTENDED!

What happens when you leave a half knit sock ALONE in a WOOL-verine pack?


Now, for the point of this entire blog!


I got to give her gifts of LARGE Shiner Bock and Yarn!

And our Socks acutally got to meet!

And, as promised, pictures of my camera-wielding new friend, Cindy

Alas, all good things must come to an end. My stalking has come to fruition...I have met the object of my efforts.. ANOTHER HARLOT ON SOUTH CONGRESS!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stalking the Harlot!

During which our heroine anticipates meeting HER heroine!



Yes, ladies and gents, the really, truly Yarn Harlot is appearing at Hill Country Weavers in Austin. On Saturday! Only two more days! I've planned to go to this ever since it was announced (before Hill Country Weavers even sent it out on their mailing lists!). All I can tell my family is that there had better not be any emergencies, glitches, or whining when I leave! I'm travelling from the suburbs of Dallas to Austin (about 250 miles) as this is the only appearance she has scheduled in Texas, so I will leave Friday night, spend the night in Austin, get up early and soak up all the knitting-ness I can! I will probably be a completely tongue-tied, stammering idiot, if I get to meet her at all! Does this classify me as stalker-esque?

I have even gone so far to issue an invitation for a Kerbey Lane Queso Consumption and Longneck Liquor Lapping. What will I do should she accept? Anyone else up for this on Friday night? Let me know! If she does accept, I may need others to help me speak, as I'm sure I'd sound like some star-stalking fool!

Honestly, when I first began this journey into the knit side, one of the first weblogs I found was "The Yarn Harlot". Irreverant to the bone, how could I possibly resist reading a blog with a title like THAT? I was amazed at her humor! I could identify (as many of us can) with most of her yarn dilemmas. The popularity of her writing is due to, in part, the fact that she speaks to us all, about the mundane, and makes us laugh at ourselves, our families, each other and life. When I'm burnt out from too much work, or disasters at home, I sit at the computer, click on my "favorites" link to the Harlot, and generally laugh like a looney. Even my ten year old has taken to reading chapters of the "Secret Life of a Knitter", much to my suprise! Her subjects, and her wit refreshes me, and inspires me to be a better knitter. Her blog has been the inspiration for this blog, and my entrance into the knit/blog community. Without her, I might not have found out about Grumperina or Rabbitch or many of the others that I read so diligently. Her Knitting Olympics idea was pounced upon and inspired many of us to challenge ourselves to greater feats of knitting prowess! And the technical tips (disguised as "oopsies") have been invaluable. I am assuming that I am not alone in my adoration of the Harlot, as I don't think I've ever seen less than three or four hundred comments on her blog entries.

So, we shall head for Austin tomorrow....

Besides, I really, really want to meet the sock!

Knit on!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Les butons!

De scrollin', de scrollin',
de button, de button!
Smooth on down like
the butter on a muffin!

Check it out, ya'll! I made de button! Feel free to nab it and post it!
I'm proud of myself, techno-idiot that I am!
The picture is of a "half sheep" that my daughter got at a furniture store (I think they gave her this in self defense, to distract her from running rampant through the sofas). Too cool!

I've also tried to update my "Blogs I read" list, although there are many left to put on. But I'll get there.

Isn't it amazing what I can accomplish, if they'd only let me have days off?

Knit on!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot, hot, HOT!

Good evening.
Welcome to HELL.

Or at least, Texas in July!

Our official temperature at DFW airport (which is really quite far from the actual CITIES of Dallas or Ft. Worth) was 107 degrees. Add at least 2 or 3 degrees in, that's HOT!
And we didn't even come close to the record for this date....that's 111!!!!!!!

Our only salvation is airconditioning and pools! I've been shamelessly taking advantage of both for days! The only time I've set foot outside is to dash for the car (airconditioned) or splash into the pool! So, I figured that my knitting should be photographed poolside!

I'm knitting the French Market bag from Knitty in Noro Kureyon for my little daughter, who wants a project bag of her own. She picked the colors, which I think will look wonderful when felted!

I also started the fronts for my grandson's sweater, which I have been meaning to work on for months...I figured that since I was knitting it 2 sizes too large, I'd have plenty of time!
This is a sweater pattern from Sirdar, knit in Baby denim. I love the cables on the fronts, but I'm a little worried about picking up the button band from the single stitches at the edge of the cable....we'll see.

I finally started "Cedar Creek" socks, from the Socks that Rock KAL. I know, I'm late, but...the "Rock and Weave" pattern was so much fun, and I ADORE STR (!!)... so better late than later! And no pooling so far!!!

Finally, this is what all children should be doing when it is 107!

See you later, if I don't melt!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One big blank

After returning from vacation and surviving the post-vacation slam dunk at work, I seem to be in a mind blanking fog from which I am having the greatest difficulty emerging. I work, sleep, clean, knit and read but have been absolutely uninspired to share any thoughts with anyone. I seem to be going through this isolationist period in response to having both the girls home at the same time.

When one child has gone off to the university, it becomes easy to believe that the trials and tribulations of two girls in one end of one house are over. Au contraire, mes amis! If abscence of one's love makes the heart grow fonder, abscence of one's sibling is only a reason to redraw the "territory" boundries, so that there is something new to fight over when the absent one returns. The first several weeks of summer have been spent hearing "Get out of my ROOM!" and "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" and "You are SO gonna GET IT!" One would think that the 9 years in between them would make this type of fighting pointless, but one would be dead wrong. I'm trying my best to simply observe, as to jump in the middle of these fights usually winds up with ME as the enemy and THEM going off to huddle and discuss how completely unreasonable their mother is.

Thus, the lack of communication. I've effectively gone into hiding!
I must, however, come out of this! Knitting pics tomorrow! I Promise!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


If anyone is out there, please forgive my lack of knitting content, as well as my poor posting performance (can you spell aliteration?) (Did I spell aliteration?)
I have made a discovery. You have to pay for vacation.

Yes, I know, vacation is supposed to be a benefit for working tremendously hard during the year. Every year, I look forward to some time off. Every year, I think, "I'm going to do exactly what I wish for two (one, three, whatever....) weeks!" I vow each year to hold firmly that resolve....and fail miserably.

Now I had fun on vacation...but I did exactly what the 10 year old wanted (so much easier!). When I got back, I had accomplished very little knitting, had no pictures to show for what I did accomplish, had two weeks worth of dirty laundry (that I still haven't finished), a filthy house (because the three other adults cannot be left on their own to clean...) and only 4 days left to do it in. I had to ready everyone for the following week.

When I take vacation time, I am actually expected to "make up" my call time....which means that I have 5 call days out of 7 this week! I figured it out and will spend a total of 126 hours in the hospital THIS WEEK ALONE!!! Vacation simply cannot be worth this!

So next time I get the urge to take a vacation, STOP ME!!!